Almost Immediate

Sometimes you meet someone and know something right away.

Call it a connection.

A rightness.


Whatever you name it, it’s strong and almost immediate.

Scares you a bit.

Makes you question whether you are rational.

Because you are thinking of this person constantly.

Have care and concern for them.

Worry about their well being, health and general happiness.

How can you be sane when you feel these things?

And feel them for someone who for all intents and purposes is a complete stranger.

Some people call it meeting your soul mate.

There is a part in the book Eat, Love, Pray where Richard from Texas gives his definition of the term.

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants.

But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back,

the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.”

And I think this sort of thing just happens.

All of a sudden.

It has to be fast or else your ego will show up and put an end to all the “foolishness”.

Your ego will convince you that not only do you not know this stranger.

You don’t even need to start poking around in your own psyche.

I mean have you seriously fallen off the deep end??

Kind of like that first big drop on a roller coaster.

It feels so good and so scary.

And it all happens so fast…

Almost Immediate.


6 thoughts on “Almost Immediate

  1. I dont know if I believed the “idea” or the “connection” of a soul mate when I got married years ago. But recently I learned how true this was. And the sad part is neither of us can do anything about it. Nothing but care from a distance, because the connection is beyond physical. Its in the tempo and rhythm of their voice, sucks the air from your lungs and makes your leg shake. But when we connect via phone its always for advice or getting that swift kick in the ass to get over a hump or over ourself to take things in our life to the next level. Right person….wrong lifetime?

    • Hi im_thicke

      I know what you mean… I have been married for some 17 years and was blissfully ignorant at the lack of intimacy in my relationship with my husband. Then I reconnected with a friend from grade school. Some 30 years later, the boy who sat behind me every day and used to play with my hair has an undeniable and inexplicible pull on my soul, on my heart. It was almost immediate… our stupid egos told us we’re crazy. But the day we spent together was the most spiritual, sensual, intimate day I have ever had my whole life. But obligations and fear of bad karma have kept us from pusuing this dance. Right person …. wrong lifetime? Damn it! I made him promise me that in our next life, we must find each other sooner….

      my other blog is mostly dedicated to this topic

      • Thank you Magick for stopping by to read and comment and share. I think often people focus on the happily ever after of soul mates when in reality it is often more complicated and sometimes not as pretty.

  2. The concept of a soul mate has always been interesting to me. Mainly because I don’t feel that we are allotted only one soul mate in our lifetime. I think some people confuse a romantic connection with an otherwise spiritual one. While that connection may include romance- a true soul mate doesn’t necessarily require one in my book. Your soulmate is your touchstone. A person who may be a polar but parallel opposite. They just get you and you get them. I have a female cousin, an ex-lover and a very close friend- all of whom I consider my soulmates. We have an almost non-verbal communication and our connections were, as you so ingeniously put it, almost immediate.

    Great post, Candy Girl. Keep ’em coming.

    • I absolutely agree that too often we limit the idea of soul mates to just romantic love when in fact they can be people who connect with us in various ways….I always love when you stop by Ms. Jayne 🙂

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