6 Things I Will Say To My Black Man

That was Joshua Bennett and I love not only his words.

But the spirit with which he speaks them.

For my part, there are a lot of things that I’d love to say to black men.

But sometimes my pride.

Or past hurts.

Or just their unknown reaction.

Causes the words to stick in my throat.

But I have resolved that when my new luv shows his face,

I will no longer hold back in fear.

So today, inspired by brother Joshua,

I’m sharing the 6 things I will say to my black man.

6.  I Love You – No matter what anyone says or writes, I Love You.  I always have and always will. 

5.  My desire is directed towards you –  Yes, there are lots of men out there.  But I only see you.

4.  I believe in you – Whatever you are trying to do I support and believe that you can make it happen.

3.  I trust in you – And because I do, I give you access to my heart and soul; all of my dreams and nightmares. 

2.  You are important to me – Your opinion, needs and wants have priority with me.

1.  I need you – To be head of our household and to love me and our children.

I could have extended this list.

But I chose six as a symbol (I was born on the 6th day of  the 6th month) of my love in its entirety.

And you loved ones?  Anything you want to share with that special someone?? 


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