Marry Her Extra Hard

I was being interrogated…

I mean having a discussion with a friend the other day about things we’d like to do/try in our lives.

Besides writing a book and running a marathon, I also listed marriage.

He listed learning another language and kung fu, then threw in the following,

“…and marry a nice woman. I’d marry her extra hard too.”

The last statement gave me pause.

I mean what exactly does marrying someone “extra hard” mean??

He was kind enough to explain that it meant with conviction, supreme enthusiasm and sometimes beastly ferocity.

And you know what??

I like that.

I like it a lot.

Of course women want a man who is committed to them and their relationship.

However the idea of marrying hard just seems to take it to a whole different level.

A man who is going to be convicted in his love for his woman.

Because, someone who is convicted can not easily be swayed.

He will hold fast to his love.

And not be persuaded to forsake it no matter the argument waged against it.

A man who has supreme enthusiasm for his love.

He is not only enthusiastic about being in love.

His enthusiasm is such that it can not be contained.

It spills over into every area of his life, coloring every aspect.

A man who approaches his love with beastly ferocity.

He will protect and defend with an unmatched fierceness.

But he will also love with such a ferocity that there will be no question as to his sincerity.

So I like the idea of a man who marries extra hard.

And I’m up to marry that type of man back just as hard.

How about you ladies and gentlemen?  What do you think about getting married extra hard??


10 thoughts on “Marry Her Extra Hard

  1. Mmmmh what? Ok. Easier said than done. Hard is not it. Smart be the one. tell you what. be smart. enjoy. love. play. dont be too serious. Hard is what will break the other party. Cos when you love too much, the other resents it. A paradox!

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  3. I think that is the only kind that will for me…if you want to suceed nowadays 🙂
    i like your blog Roonie6676..Keep it up!

  4. I think that is the only kind that will work for me… much needed if you want your mariage to succeed nowadays
    i like your blog Roonie6676..Keep it up (Y)!

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