That Girl

What do you do when you find out You are that girl?

You know the one I’m talking about.

The one whose got everything going for you.

Smart, cute, independent, faithful, loving, the whole list.

But still ends up with only the superficial.

Men who only see what’s outside.

Responding only to something they sense about your sexuality.

What do you do??

I mean after you try everything.

Pray to God.

Change how you dress.

Your look.

How you interact with people…men.

Purpose in your heart.

What then?

Give up.

Settle in your spirit that it will always be this way.



That girl that makes the blood pulse in his head.

And can spit a mean verse.

But still just That Girl.


2 thoughts on “That Girl

  1. i say change.

    can be the same same same same and expect different.

    so put on your business suit and slacks. take your briefcase and get out there and make that money.

    i’ll be at the crib eating pizza watching the game if you need me.

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