To Woo or Not To Woo?

The other day I was thinking about dating.

More specifically two terms that I associate with the art form.

Woo & Court.

What do they really mean?

Yeah, I know it’s love and all butterflies and dandelions.

But my rational side needs to do some research.

So, let’s see what we can come up with.

For definitions I defer to Merriam-Webster:

Woo – to sue for the affection of and usually marriage with

Now I don’t know about y’all but the word “sue” to me means serious business.

A brother who is suing me for my affection is not playing around.

He’s serious and willing to use every available resource, including the law to get me.

Court – to seek the affections of; especially to seek to win a pledge of marriage from

I know it’s the year 2010 so please don’t get your panties in a bunch off what I’m about to say next.

But, please note that the definition of court says “to seek.”

So in my interpretation, a man who is courting me is seeking me out.

I’m not on the prowl, trying to find him.

And he not only finds me but he makes an effort to seek me specifically out.

Seeking me out with the hopes of getting me to marry him and is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

I like that.

And so should you ladies.

So for all intents a man who is wooing and/or courting me, has already determined that I am wife material.

Please notice that I did not say wifey.

No, I’m talking about his actual, legal, under God and before man, wife.

And his purpose is now to ensure that I not only think he is good enough to be husband material.

But good enough to be MY husband.

10 thoughts on “To Woo or Not To Woo?

  1. Yes it is 2010 and that is why I believe it is ok for a woman to court and woo a man…I believe relationship should be fair from the start…if he can court and woo me I can do the same to you.

    Great post…might steal the topic for my own blog, lol

  2. yes chile get woo’d on! and i agree with JC. wimmenz can woo too. but the real question is who can woo the hardest.

    i got the hardest woo.

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  4. Maybe it’s just bad luck on my part, but every woman I have opened my heart up to has managed to in some way brutally ruin it. From one lying about drugs to the point of OD to raising a child for 9 months that I found out wasn’t mine. I want so bad to be in love, but will wait until it finds me. Do I think it will take a Cinderella story? Absolutely. Can I wait? Hope so. In my head this wasn’t off topic because it brings me to this point. I agree that women can and should be wooing and courting men as well. At least for me, I won’t show any interest in a girl beyond friendship until she expresses some interest in me.

    • Hey B so glad you did indeed come by 🙂 So now I have a question for you? So if the girl in question lets you know that yes she is feeling you and open to your advances. Then do you woo? Or are you anti woo because of all the mess you done been through??

      • Did I warn you that I’m a boy, I’m dumb? I need things simplified when it comes to emotions, because I have the expressive ability of a rock when it comes to that=( Anyway, haha, I have to be brief, gotta run, but I wanted to reply still. I am not anti-woo, nor anti-trusting. I love making a girl feel loved, like she is the most important person in the world to somebody, because at that moment, she is. BUT, at least in my eyes, I don’t think I make any advances. I assume any girl I meet is going to be a friend, and if through our friendship she sees that I would make a good boyfriend or other, than hopefully she lets me know. Otherwise, I’m ignorant to it and just happy we’re friends.

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  6. I had this conversation w/ my now-boyfriend. I considered him a good friend when he told me that he’d fallen for me and asked me “What do I have to do to get you to marry me?” I told him, “I like to be wooed and courted.” So he’s sent me poetry, hand-written letters, and bought me gifts… 🙂

    I never sought him out and never planned to. As a woman, I find a reassurance in being pursued by a man who makes it clear that he wants to marry you. No “does he really like me?”

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