Walkabout Wednesday: And The Award Goes To…….


Well not me exactly.

To be precise, this blog was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.

How exciting is that???

Well I’m beyond.

Doing the happy dance AND the cabbage patch.

The lovely Paige over at Slightly Off-Balance selected The Candy Shoppe.

And I’m not just calling her lovely because she picked us.

Her blog is an honest look into the life and times of a true mama.

Even when she’s slightly off, you know it’s coming straight from her heart.

So, thanks Paige for the shout out.

Now along with accolades come responsibility.

Who knew?

Not me.  But I do like to try to follow the rules so here goes.

1.  As recipient of this prestigious award I must recognize my nominator:  Check.

2.  List ten things I love:

  • God because He loves me even when I don’t deserve it.
  • Writing because it is the fulfillment of my soul’s purpose.
  • Laying next to my son while he sleeps and just looking at him.
  • Laughing until I start to cry and can’t catch my breath.
  • My family, who always make me feel wonderful just for being me.
  • Being in love with a man who loves me hard.
  • Reading because it allows me to exercise my imagination.
  • Chocolate, even though I’m allergic to large quantities 😦
  • Shoes, preferably high heels.
  • Sleeping because I’ve always been an insomniac so I truly appreciate when I get some.

3.  Nominate a few blogs that I love.  Which brings us to today’s internet walkabout:

  • Nappy Sexy Fly:  This was one of the blogs that I found when I was searching for information on natural hair.  And not only did I get great information to assist me in debuting my kinky, curly, sexy hair.  But I also found a writer who writes with a straightforward, tough love style which I enjoy.  She doesn’t post as much as I would like, but hey she’s got three little one’s so let’s cut her some slack folks.


  • Stroke of Prose:  Ms. Kaye was featured on our first walking tour and I will repeat that I love, love, lover her sensual writing. Now that she has added in her real life response series, I think I love her even more.  And I won’t even mention that I am still waiting on Private Dancer Part 4…


  • Naked With Socks On:  NWSO made our Sexy Male Blogger tour and not just because he is a chocolate dream…wait hold up did I say that out loud.  Moving on.  The brother really knows how to write.  His relationship and general life advice is solid and very thoughtful.  I am a huge fan of his poetry/prose.  And I’ve been known to read a Wet Wednesdays piece every now and then…don’t judge me.


  • Pumpsicle:  I love pumps.  So I kind of figured I’d like this site.  But to my great appreciation they also offer up tons of information on all things fashion.  Which suits me just fine because I’m a one stop shop type of chick.  And the lovely people at Pumpsicle give me everything I need to know about what’s current and fabulous.


  • Black Love Posters:  This site celebrates black love through the medium of pictures.  I love to scroll through these pictures and be blessed by all of the love and joy that flows from them.  I especially take heart when I see the pictures of couples whose marriages have lasted 10, 20, 30+ years.  It is truly an inspiration.

To end today’s tour on a sappy (I mean serious) note, I’d like to thank every reader, commenter, mentor and supporter of this blog.  I truly appreciate you allowing this dream to grow.  Thanks much.

10 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday: And The Award Goes To…….

    • At first I was going to say you a fool for posting this….but now I’m walking around humming “You the best…Nothings ever gonna keep you down” LOL Thanks much

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