Philosophy 300: Dream Finder

I was wondering…

What happens to our dreams?

You know the ones we have when we are younger.

The wanting to be a famous actress, singer or athlete.

Teacher, lawyer or fireman.

Or even a world-renowned ice-cream man.

The passions and talents that had us dreaming, eyes wide open.

How do we as adults reconcile the loss of those dreams?

Replaced by new lives that hold no remnants of those dreams.

I don’t think we can reconcile.

I believe a part of us dies or is shut away.

Which in turn leaves us as less than who we should be.

Personally I think we need to find those dreams and take them up again.

And that is what I’m doing here.

No, not teaching philosophy courses to you loved ones.

But writing.

That has always been my passion.

Something that I loved to do.

Dreamed of doing.

Yet somehow my life led me to a career of numbers.

Far, far from the pure joy of poetry or science-fiction or even sensual writing.

But I’ve purposed in my heart that I want to be that writer.

The one I always dreamed of being as a kid.

And daily I am taking steps toward making my dream a reality.

It’s not easy.

But it’s worth it.

Because I am finally becoming fully me.

Complete, happy and full of joy.

So what about you?

What dream did you place on hold??

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to find it and pursue it wholeheartedly???

I say yes.

I am a Dream Finder…

And so are you.

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4 thoughts on “Philosophy 300: Dream Finder

    • Hey Paige I’m right there with you. My goal is to just bring in some income based off writing before the end of the year….and yes a penny counts as income lol.

      I did not see the bloggy award….you are trying to make me cry, I know you are. Ok now I need to hop on giving you props and thinking of 10 things and bloggers that I love….I think I feel Mondays post coming on.

      Here’s to the both of us achieving our dreams….I mean it couldn’t happen to better girls

  1. bills are what happened. kids live in a dream world where everything is provided to ’em. kids are the enemy.

    “i believe the children are our future. unless we stop them now.” — Homer Simpson

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