Ms. Evil: Destroyer of Men

I’ve got a little problem.

Somehow I have taken on an alter ego.

Let’s just call her Ms. Evil.

Ms. Evil doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings.

She would just as soon be alone as be your girl.

Sex you down, with no need for convo.

Save your chit chat for someone who cares.

No need for feelings at all.

In fact her only joy in life is breaking down men.

Until they cower and whimper in the nearest corner.

Like small children hiding  from the boogeyman.



Let me stop playing before y’all think I’m serious.

The truth is I have become something of an evil villain when it comes to love.

By day corny sweetheart.

Looking for love and my future partner in crime.

All hugs, kisses and good vibes.

Talking about,

“Let’s take it slow and get to know each other.”

Staring at him through the lenses of my rose-colored tortoise frame glasses.

But then Ms. Evil steps up and bam.

I’m licking my lips and whispering his name.

Driving him crazy.

Simply because I can.

Having him calling me talking about,

“I think you’re using me.”

All in love.

Pledging allegiance.

And performing a myriad of  chivalrous acts.

He never stood a chance.

You can’t leave this or quit this.

Foolish mortal.

Did you really think you stood a chance against,

Ms. Evil, destroyer of men.

*Listen to this:  Cold by Maxwell

**Oh and please check out my good friend Tony Whitfield and The Kids of Widney High

The Kids of Widney High are a group of students from Widney High School, a special ed. high school in Los Angeles, who write and perform original songs. 

They even have their own comic book, “The Kids of Widney High:  Beyond The Sky’s The Limit”


16 thoughts on “Ms. Evil: Destroyer of Men

  1. OMG!! This had me cracking up!!! I think we all have an alter ego when it comes to love:). Thanks for this piece…I can defintely relate…I’m still shaking me head laughing because my alter ego has sprung up on many occasions!!!

  2. Wholly Ms Evil…. Why is a woman in love like a welder? Because they both carry a torch! I’m a victim of your flamely love. Agreed with Robbin, this post has me laughing as well.

  3. I’d like Ms. Evil to inhabit my frame for a good two weeks…or at the very least, borrow some of her most viable characteristics. I luv it! Can’t go wrong. (Tee-hee..)

  4. Actually genuinely great weblog article which has received me considering. I by no means looked at this from the stage of look at.


    Please stop by the kids of widney high web site and pick up a copy of

    BEYOND THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    4 IT IS A STATE OF MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY XMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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