My Ass(ets) Will Not Be Making An Appearance On Twitter

The other day the following tweet showed up on my Twitter timeline:

Ladies if you have a fat ass and don’t have like 7,000 followers.  You are going about this Twitter thing all wrong.

Now normally I don’t even process most of the mess that gets tweeted.

But for some reason this tweet kinda stuck in my head.

I’ve been on twitter since July 2009.

But didn’t really start to use it actively until the beginning of this year.

So I’ve got a good 9 months under my belt.

And I’ve got a little over 60 followers.

The majority have joined me since I started writing this blog in June 2010.

So if I’m to take that tweet to heart, not only am I not doing this thing right.

I am failing miserably.

What I need to do is change my avatar.

Preferably to one where I’m scantily clad or damn near naked.

Twitpic a few ass shots every now and then.

And as they like to say,

“They will come.”

Now anyone who knows me in real life knows I’ve got a pretty remarkable rear.

Hey don’t hate me, hate my parents for making me.

I’ve got a great shape….thanks to many years of running track.

A cute face…thanks again to my genes.

But I’m not willing, nor do I think it necessary, to advertise them on twitter in the name of gaining followers.

I like to think I’m a cool person whose humor (though at times borderline corny).

Random take on life.

And intelligence are reason alone to follow.

Now I’m not knocking any chick out there who wants to participate in Titty Tuesday.

I’m just saying that my assets will not be making an appearance on twitter.


12 thoughts on “My Ass(ets) Will Not Be Making An Appearance On Twitter

  1. I hear you on that one. I understand the need for attention but my reasons for joining Twitter had nothing to do with wanting to pretend I’m posing for Playboy…I joined to network with others that share my interest…glad to know I have found someone that also shares my train of thought.

    • I like how you try to cushion the corny blow my saying you love my compliment….if you have something negative to say always soften it with something good….you ain’t slick lol

  2. Wait! Come back. I want to hear the little short bus story. Lol.

    No, in all seriousness- I feel you on this one, Candy Girl. I really don’t tweet much- even though I do have an account. And like my Blogger account and the related Facebook page, there isn’t even a photo of my face. I prefer the anonymity that allows the writing to speak for itself. I don’t care how pretentious it sounds, either. Since there’s no shortage of attention whores online, I have to interest in joining the masses. This Bug’s agenda is slightly different to say the least.

    It’s nice to know there are some like-minded folk such as yourself out there. And now thanks to the recently tweeted advice, we all know what to do to get 7000 followers. (Bend over in front of that mirror and make sure the flash is off on that Blackberry! Don’t act like you haven’t taken a booty shot before just because you haven’t twitpic’d it.) Ha!
    Ok, I’m done.

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