The Best Name I’ve Ever Been Called

I’ve been a mother for almost 8 years.

And I love my son beyond all comprehension.

Now I have been in love before.

Done my fair share of crazy stuff.

All in the name of loving some man.

But what I do (and will do) for this child, astonishes me.

I love him so fiercely that his father likes to call me Johnnie Cochran.

Because I constantly jump to his defense.

And will argue you down until he and I are victorious.

When he is hurt or upset.

It is as if my entire heart cleaves in two.

The very foundations of my spirit are shook.

So I must do every and any thing in my power to remedy the hurt.

And when I am unable to fix the wrong.

I offer up my hugs, kisses and expressions of love.

I remind him of how precious his life is to me.

How thankful I am that God thought me worthy to be blessed with him.

That I cannot imagine my life without him.

It’s as if all the good that I am is manifested in him.

And this little perfect, imperfect person calls me by the best name I’ve ever been called,



6 thoughts on “The Best Name I’ve Ever Been Called

  1. True, so true the best name I have ever been called is Daddy, it is not just the word in itself rather the fact that your own child is saying it to you. Also I like how you point out that it is an honor, and you are blessed; very spiritual.

    • It’s definitely more than just a word…it has such impact when he says it. I love the sound of it. I have even had people comment on how sweet it is when they hear him call me that. I think they can feel a little bit of the love that we have.

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