Not Quite Yin and Yang

Sometimes I wish he lived right up the block.

It’s not about him being mine.

But it is about me missing my friend.

Someone that knows me.

All of me.

Not just the outside stuff.

Everybody thinking I’ve got it all together.

So pretty, so smart, so sexy, so cool, so whatever else they think.

But he knows the truth.

The mess that I can be.

All right angles trying to fit into a smooth circle.

And yet he still thinks I’m perfection.

I miss him like crazy.

It’s like my guts churn with needing.

At times I almost feel physically ill.

But what’s even more crazy.

The fact that we don’t have like the fairy tale relationship.

We argue.

Get on each other’s last nerve.

Disagree about almost everything.

Not quite Yin and Yang.

All peace and tranquility.

More like Black and White.

And rough edges.

But even with all that.

I wish he lived right up the block.

So I could walk over.

Just to say,

“What’s up luv?”


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