If I Was My Heart

The other day I told a friend of mine,

“Love ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…I’ll take a nice big dose of like.”

We laughed but it got me to thinking about love.

Why it has been one of the most complicated aspects of life.

And of course because I’m random,

I figured it would be best to let my heart do the talking.

So, if I was my heart what advice would I give myself (and all of you) on love?

Yeah there’s always the trusty dusty advice that everyone gives.

Go slow.

Use your head.

Be yourself.

Don’t forget to be open, honest and communicate.

But what else could I tell myself to save both me and my heart from a little bit of sadness.

How about stop falling for the thought of falling?

Yup I said it.

So many of us get all worked up over falling in love.

All wrapped up in the butterflies and sweet nothings.

We don’t even give ourselves, or the other person, a chance.

I mean it’s okay to get excited and even hopeful when it comes to a new love.

But stop planning the wedding before you even get to the first date.

Give time the opportunity to work its magic.

And while you are giving time, some time.

Keep being and doing you.

Far too many people loose themselves in their potential mate.

They stop doing things they love and being with people they love.

Basically disappearing into the other person.

Stop it.  Don’t make me use my outdoor voice.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m just as guilty as the next.

Been known to rush into things with no thought for what tomorrow,

Let alone the next minute might bring.

Start listening to skaa because he thinks its fire.

But hey it’s not me giving out the advice remember?

It’s straight from my heart.

One of my favorite songs by Amy WinehouseWake Up Alone.



4 thoughts on “If I Was My Heart

    • Don’t you just love that feeling?? Like the person is talking specifically to you. Well I mean sometimes, except when I’m in church and the pastor is talking about something wicked. Lol

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