New Artist CourtneyMarie Has the Makings of a Boss

So, I was minding my business.

Strolling through Twitter land.

When I came across the following direct message:

Casico Ent. Group CasicoEntGroup

 @Ronnie6676 “On Fire” CourtneyMarie @IamCourtMarie

Now I’m no music critic.

So my first thought was why would someone send me a new artist’s song?

But then I thought to myself.

Por qué No??

Why not??

I love music…

Listen to it all the time…

All different genres…

Who better to listen to an up and coming artist.

Then spout off as to why (or heaven forbid why I don’t) love them.

And you know what happens when I think big like that?

You, my loves, get blessed.

So here’s a little sneak peek into my convo with the up and coming singer, CourtneyMarie.

The Candy Shoppe:  When did you start singing?

CourtneyMarie:  I started singing to my favorite songs as a child.  I started singing as a career at the age of 16 in my senior year of high school.

The Candy Shoppe:  And what made you decide that music was the career path you should pursue?

CourtneyMarie:  Seeing my Dad’s love for it and also the thought of one day being able to help others accomplish their musical goals.

The Candy Shoppe:  As far as the music game is concerned, who are some of the artists who have influenced you?

CourtneyMarie:  Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, India Arie, Lauryn Hill and all of the Motown artists.

The Candy Shoppe:  So what’s currently playing on your iPod?

CourtneyMarie:  “Waiter” by the Heathers

The Candy Shoppe:  You are very young but you seem to have a good sense of the business.  How much influence do you have over your career?

CourtneyMarie:  It’s funny that you ask, we were just discussing that topic and I think most “new” artists do not have the amount of influence over their careers as “seasoned” artists do.  Then again if  we had 100% control we wouldn’t know what to do with it lol.  Just stay as true to who you are as possible and know that the right team of prepared professionals will help guide you through the “industry”.

The Candy Shoppe:  What are your plans for promoting your current tracks?

CourtneyMarie:  We (Courtney Marie Productions Inc.) are currently focused on building a solid following by taking advantage of social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.  Right now we are more concerned with letting the world hear what we are capable of then coming back and topping that every time.

The Candy Shoppe:  When can we expect a full length cd?

CourtneyMarie:  I do believe that the common goal is Spring 2011.  Realistically it all depends on the Label and distribution partners.

The Candy Shoppe:  If we caught you at home chilling, what could we expect?

CourtneyMarie:  You can pretty much guarantee that I’m in my room, with either CSI or the First 48 on my t.v., while I’m playing chords on my guitar or writing to music and wearing some sweats and a softball t-shirt.

The Candy Shoppe:  Is there anything else that you’d like to share with the readers and your fans?

CourtneyMarie:  I am truly focused on achieving my goals to ensure that I have the ability to create an outlet for the teens on the “block” by co founding the C.E.G. Youth Music Institute.  It will be a place where you can be in a safe environment while learning from producers and engineers that have a proven track record in the music industry.  With that being said, please support what we are doing because it’s not just about us, it’s about the “Future”.

Ms. CourtneyMarie seems to have it all together. 

Born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan on December 22, 1991.

She’s an accomplished student athlete who graduated from high school in 2009 with numerous honours.

Receiving both academic and athletic collegiate scholarship opportunities but deciding to take some time off to pursue her music career.

Currently signed with Artist to Family First Digital Records, she has her own production company, Courtney Marie Productions.

She is about her business.

Which is a good sign because we have all heard the stories of artists being taken advantage of and ending up broke.

Personally I love the fact that it seems to be about more than music.

That she seems to have a true desire to help others pursue their passion for music.

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to step on or over anyone to achieve success.

In fact lending a helping hand may just be what puts you over the top.

Ok, let me get off my soap box and get back to the music.

I was able to listen to two tracks On Fire and Give It To Me.

First impression is that she reminds me of Monica when she first hit the music scene.

CourtneyMarie has the same deep, throaty tone and quality to her voice.

I also get a sense of realness in her delivery.  She definitely has the girl on the block thing going on.

Of the two tracks I have to say I like On Fire the most.

It’s got a cool little beat and the lyrics are a good combination of bubble gum and street.

Very good possibility that it could see some play on my iTouch.

And you know how hard it is to get air play these days.

So what do y’all think?  Do you think Ms. CourtneyMarie has what it takes to make a dent in the music biz??

For more information on this artist, you can visit her website:

or Follow her on Twitter:


6 thoughts on “New Artist CourtneyMarie Has the Makings of a Boss

  1. If the world doesnt know her now, they will very soon, she has all of the potential at this age that most singer didnt, also this piece was very well written..KB

    • I agree DJ and on top of that she seems like a cool person…and I’m all for cool people doing big thangs. Oh and thank you for the compliment its much appreciated.

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