Can We Walkabout the Internet? Yes We Can!


Image by micamonkey via Flickr

Today is the first official Walkabout Wednesday.  

Woo Hoo!!  

Come on everybody, do your happy dance.  

Ok that’s enough of that…you’re embarassing me.  

So here’s how it works.  

On Walkabout Wednesday I take you on a walking tour through the blogosphere (I love that word).   

And point out some of the cool things that have caught my attention.  

Are you ready??  Ok let’s get to getting.  

Opinion:  Everybody’s got one but some just tickle me more than others  

Cabinet of Curiositiesadding “lazy rapist” to my résumé  

So the title of this post drew me in…I mean come on you know you want to read it too.  

But even better is Ms. Russell utterly destroying any foundation for Rush Limbaugh‘s nonprofit stance.  

Work:  Cause a girl’s gotta pay the bills or stop answering my phone; pesky bill collectors  

N.T. MitchellYou work in Corporate America. How could you possibly change the world?  

Love this piece because as a day-dream believer, I’m always wondering how to make a difference within the confines of my corporate life.  

Besides it made me think about pursuing opportunities to serve on boards that work with the elderly.  

Movies:  Be warned they may be old because I have an 8-year-old who rules all televisions in my home  

This Bug’s Life10 Items or Less  

So this movie stars Morgan Freeman and has him hanging out in a grocery store.  How great is that??   

And even greater is Ms. Jayne over at This Bug’s Life…In My Opinion  

Fashion:  I’m a shoe whore…yup I said it  

VVS ApprovedThe Crystal-Embellished Suede Boot  

These boots by Giuseppe Zanotti are to die for.  I think I actually stopped breathing for a moment when I saw them.  

**grabs brown bag** Ok I’m cool now.  

Erotica:  Well **fans self** yeah that’s all I have to say about that  

Stroke of Prose: Private Dancer – Part 3  

I love KayeMichele’s erotica.  Its everything that sensual writing should be.   

I say this even though she has made me wait entirely too long for the conclusion to this Private Dancer series…yeah, still waiting.  

Lifestyle:  Big changes popping off over here  

It’s My Natural Hair  

Not one specific post but the entire blog has inspired me.  

I recently, i.e in the last 2 weeks, decided that I will rock my natural hair.   

And in those two weeks I have gone from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.  

But this site has kept me from losing my mind.  And my hair thanks Ms. Kandeezie.  

So that concludes our tour for the day.  Hope you enjoyed our Wednesday Walkabout.  

Please feel free to let your tour guide know of any spots you’d like us to visit in the future.  

No promises, but for a small donation (just kidding…unless you gon’ do it) we will add you to our tour.  

And come back soon now, ya hear.  

12 thoughts on “Can We Walkabout the Internet? Yes We Can!

  1. Hey! Thanks for bathing me in the warm glow of your spotlight. I am really honored! And I’m all over those links, especially the natural hair one. I did the “big chop” several years ago and never looked back.

  2. Hey Ronnie you should check out Kimmya on youtube her channel is very inspiring for going and staying natural. I’m vowing for the umpteenth time to leave the weave and perms alone. Oh and I wore my GZ boots today always makes me feel like a million bucks. Your pick is super hot!

    • I will definitely write that name down and check her out. I’ve been a bit infatuated with the natural hair thing so I promised my mom I’d relax. lol for a minute at least. But I absolutely love my hair and the freedom that being natural affords.

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