A Mom’s Guide to Not Sharing: Lick Them or Stuff Them In Your Mouth

I never in a thousand years thought I’d find myself in this predicament.

But here I am.

In the corner of my kitchen.

Shoving Twix candy bars into my mouth.

And as I’m hurriedly chewing,

I have the biggest smile on my face.

That is until my son comes up behind me.

Taps me on the back and asks me,

“What are you doing mama?”

And without hesitation.

Not even a pause to consider telling him the truth.

I mumble with my back still to him,


I wait until he walks away and I finish my candy.

This is what I have become.

A woman who will shove food in her mouth as if she were a starving third-world peasant.

And have not a shred of guilt about it.

What would drive a reasonably sane person to act like this?

The answer is simple.

Every time I go to eat or drink anything.

My son asks the same dreaded question.

“Can I have some mama?”

Darn it to heck!


I don’t want to share!!!

Is what I want to answer.

But I have to say yes and share.

Because he is my child and I am indeed his mama.

So a few weeks ago when my mom took us out to eat.

And both her and my son got 6 pieces of yummy fried Cajun shrimp to bring home after our late lunch.

My son decided that not only did he want his shrimp.

But his grandma’s too.

And she being the sucker (I mean awesome grandma) that she is,

Gave up the shrimp.

I didn’t really feel sorry for her.

She should know better.

I mean she has two kids.

If she really had wanted to enjoy those shrimp. 

She would have licked them or stuffed them in her mouth.


2 thoughts on “A Mom’s Guide to Not Sharing: Lick Them or Stuff Them In Your Mouth

  1. I. have. done. this. yes, I am guilty. My daughter always want to taste what I have, what other people have. it’s amazing. This is how she came to like edamame, but I digress. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one. 🙂

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