At Least He’s Not A Groupie

My son loves the show Everybody Hates Chris.

I mean he is fanatical.

He will sit and absorb a Saturday morning marathon like its liquid sugar.

I have awaken more than once to him standing over me with a grin on his face.

And these words on his lips,

“Even in yo dreams….I’m gon be there!”

(For those of you not familiar with the show, Julius (played by Terry Crews) is Chris’ father on the show).

It’s crazy really what I have to put up with.

And if my heart was weak, I’m sure I’d be dead by now.

So when my son went to Raging Waters recently.

(Shout out to J for being an awesome dad).

And Terry Crews just happened to be in attendance.

Well I just assumed…

Yeah, yeah I know all about what they say about assuming…

That my son would want to, at bare minimum, meet the man.

Perhaps even get his autograph.

But no.  Not my little man.

When it was pointed out to him that “Julius” was there.

And he was asked if he wanted to meet him?

He replied,

“No, I’d rather play in the pool.”

Go figure.

Well, at least he’s not a groupie.


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