Sweet Tea Head


I’m addicted to sweet tea.

I’m not exaggerating.

I’m a straight up sweet tea head.

I think it’s liquid crack.

My mom once described Pepsi as the nectar of the gods.

And that’s not too far off how I feel about a really good glass of sweet tea.

I’m talking about the sweet tea they make in the South.

The kind that will give you diabetes just looking at the glass.

Have your kids up for 2-3 weeks bouncing off the walls.

Keeps C&H and Domino in business.

But living in southern California has put a serious kink in my habit.

Sure plenty of restaurants here serve tea.

But the majority of them expect you to add your own sugar.

Now I don’t normally condone violence….

Sorry I think that was my low blood sugar talking.

But I mean come on.

Who ever heard of do-it-yourself sweet tea??

It’s just wrong.

I feel dirty just typing about it.

There has however been a small movement towards offering pre-sweetened tea.

Perhaps some other sweet tea heads have been picketing, writing letters and petitioning?

I have no clue what spurred this new fad.

But a couple of fast food and casual dining restaurants in my area have started serving up their respective versions of the liquid gold.

None have come close to the glasses I have savored while visiting Arkansas, Mississippi or Louisiana.

But hey it’s a start.

And you know when it comes down to it…

A fix is a fix.


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