My Mom Likes Wale (And So Should You)

Attention DeficitThe other morning as I’m checking emails on my blackberry.

I do this every day, as soon as I roll out of bed.

Don’t judge me.

So as my blurry eyes scan the screen,

I stumble across a message from my mom.

And I quote,

Shades by Wale.  You should use this on your blog if you can! I like it a lot.  Mom”

And when your mama tells you to write about something, then gosh darn it you better write about it.

Besides it’s mad cool that she even knows who Wale is.

So today’s playlist jam is brought to you courtesy of my mama.

Wale – Shades

And thank goodness, because I had never heard Shades.

It’s a collaboration with Chrisette Michele…

I love, love, love her.  Just listen to Blame It On Me and I’m sure you will love her too

Okay back to Wale.

Shades is from his debut album, Attention Deficit, which was released November 2009 on Allido/Interscope.

And I love it too!

(Like mother, like daughter).

The beat is bumping.

The hook is catchy.

But even more thrilling, is the fact that the lyrics actually have a message.

And a positive one at that.

The lyrics speak on the issue of color discrimination which exists within the African-American community.

For many years, and persisting into current times, the idea that the lighter your skin, the better.

I suppose it’s a persisting of the whole “field” versus “house” mentality.

The song reminds us of all the beautiful shades that exist in our community.

And that’s alright by me.

So well done mom…keep the orders, I mean suggestions, coming.

Attention Deficit Tracks:

  1. Triumph
  2. Mama Told Me
  3. Mirrors
  4. Pretty Girls
  5. World Tour
  6. Let It Loose
  7. 90210
  8. Shades
  9. Chillin’
  10. TV In The Radio
  11. Contemplate
  12. Diary
  13. Beautiful Bliss
  14. Prescription

 For more information on these artists, you can visit their official websites:


Chrisette Michele:


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