Thirsty? Or Maybe He Just Really Likes Me

See full size imageI’ve been hearing the word thirsty thrown around a lot.

For those of you who are not up on your slang.

Let me help you out a little.

Thirsty:  Desperate, wanting or needing; Too eager to get something; Wanting something or someone really bad.

So it got me to thinking about my interactions with men.

Specifically the umm, parched variety.

And the whole possibility that maybe, just maybe, they weren’t thirsty at all.


And this is really gonna knock your socks off…

They just really liked me.

Like a whole lot of liking.

I know…go figure.

But seriously, maybe all those guys I dismissed with a quickness.

Truly deserved a chance to show me how un-thirsty they could be.

At least that’s what Jozen Cummings of Until I Get Married seems to think.

He writes about it in A Case For The Pressed Man.

So, what if I gave these men half a chance?

And they proved they could behave like well hydrated men.

Maybe even like men who regularly drank Gatorade.

(Cuz everybody knows Gatorade will not only hydrate you but replace all those other important hydration related minerals).

But back to that guy who is acting like he just hiked across the Mojave desert in a shiny silver suit.

And I’m the clearest, purest, most springiest spring water he ever saw.

Maybe that guy…

Who called a thousand times.

Texted like a gazillion.

And emailed so much that i put him on my spam list.

Maybe, just maybe, he really was digging me…

Nah, who am I fooling.

He’s just thirsty.

8 thoughts on “Thirsty? Or Maybe He Just Really Likes Me

  1. Ivan Pavlov salivating type thirsty. Oh yea girl, I got one of those now. And I thought it was the summer heat over here on the east.. burning up my blackberry! He may be thirsty for me but I’m craving someone else. Isn’t that always the way?

    • Girlie yes I’ve been hearing people throw it around for a minute and I was like what?? But it makes perfect sense when used in this context…in my opinon lol

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  3. lol well thanks for the insight. So I just realized that I may be thirsty as the Sahara in summer, and no one would know unless I wanted them to.

    But it’s funny cos just a few days ago on whisper, I said that I could see how thirsty people are in their eyes, it’s true. And of course, in addition to their actions whether obvious or subtitle.

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