The Number 13 is Auspicious (Just ask Osiris)

My favorite number is 13.

Most people assume that it would be 6.

Considering I was born on the 6th day of the 6th month.

That wouldn’t really be a far fetched guess.

But, alas, no.

I like 13.

It’s a number that most in our society associate with bad luck.

People literally dread Fridays that fall on the 13th.

Last I checked, Friday is the start of the weekend and cause to celebrate.

I’m not letting no number steal my joy.

I mean it’s so bad that they even leave the 13th floor off in most buildings.

But I can count (don’t know about you…LOL).

And even if the elevator skips from 12 to 14.

They ain’t fooling me.

Yeah the little button says 14 but I know I’m stepping out on the 13th floor.

And what’s the big deal anyways??

A number is a number is a number.


Well not quite.

Today’s lesson boys and girls, is on the auspicious (fancy way to say favorable) number 13.

Depending on who you ask the number 13 can mean a bunch of really good things.

If you’re into Greek mythology then 13 is associated with Zeus and means power, totality and attainment.

If you prefer your gods be of the Egyptian persuasion, then 13 is associated with Osiris and is a precursor to completion.

If by chance you think the Chinese know their stuff, then 13 when pronounced in Mandarin sounds a whole lot like “definitely vibrant”.

But for me it was none of these little pieces of information that won me over.

The reason why 13 is auspiciousness itself.

Is because I said so.

And that boys and girls concludes our lesson.


What are you thinking?

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