3 Reasons Why I Can’t Be Your Shrink

I know it’s hard to believe by just looking at me.

Or in this case, reading my stuff.

But I’ve got issues.

Nothing major that would require me to spend time in a fancy office laying on some professional’s couch.

At least not right now.

But issues none the less.

I have a tendency to be shy and a lot introverted.

I’m independent to a fault.

I’m super hard on myself.

Can anyone say perfectionist?

And y’all know I hate cameras.

So it really does baffle my mind when folks come to me seeking help with their problems.

Sometimes I wanna ask, “Are you serious?  Have you seen my life ever??”

Nonetheless they come.

And of course I put my all into trying to be of help.

Full attention.

Deep thought and consideration.

Appropriate multi-syllable words used in a kind but stern manner.

But when it comes down to it.

I can’t be your shrink and here’s why.

1.  I hate for people to feel bad.  So no matter what you did or didn’t do, I will always try to show you your good.  Now this works for me because I always walk away with a good vibe.  But sometimes you need tough love, a smack upside the head.  A kick in the rear end.  A shove into reality.  Yeah you got the picture.

 2.  I read a lot.  I especially love science fiction.  So without fail I will see you and your issues in some character I just finished reading about.  And give you their prescription for happiness.  Which isn’t exactly full proof.  Because that’s pretend and this is real life.  And besides, when is the last time  you were battling demon alien spawn on a farm in New England?

3.  Did I mention I have issues??  So while I’m working through your stuff, I’m inadvertently transferring it all over into my life.  And thus the advice I give is probably 1/4 aimed at you and your problems.  And 3/4 of the advice is for my own personal consumption.  I gotta work on that whole separation concept.  I am me and you are you.  Repeat as needed.

So you see, although I have good intentions.

And I really do want to help.

I think it’s best that we keep this all surface, light and cheery.

I mean I’m only looking out for your best interests.


23 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Can’t Be Your Shrink

  1. Wow for once, someone has pinpointed directed ways that others may not know how one feels,that people can actually feel the way that you feel.

    You could not have laid it out any better!

    Great view points!

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  3. Love this… I want to copy it and put it on my office door. It very comedically captures how we need to take care of ourselves before we extend our energies to others.

    • LOL safasy you are going to give me a big head….I’ve always wanted my stuff printed out and posted on cubicles and offices around the world.

  4. Tell it!!! What an awesome post! I had to let it be known to my drama-filled friends, I’ll be your shrink, but I charge by the hour! Thanks for making it plain!

    I definitely agree with safasy, I print-out on the office door is right on target!

  5. Great list. I could see myself writing a similar list and giving it to people when they come at me with some silly question. Hmm, I’ll have to put that in the vault.

    and btw, really like the blog theme/appearance – modern yet feminine.

    • Katherine you are the very first person to comment on the appearance of the blog and I thank you very much for the kind words. I kinda like it too 🙂

  6. I am completely guilty of #3! I will listen to someone’s problem, give them advice, and within a few days I’ll encounter something & say “Maybe I should take the advice I gave so-and-so!” Doens’t always work out for the best… :-/

  7. This is the third of your blogs that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

    I subscribed. Thank you. 🙂

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  9. We just had our family reunion last month and I remembered something that our grandparents shared to us during supper about life in general. I find that moment very precious because we were able to allocate time together and value the importance of one another .

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  12. I ADORE this post!!! You are witty & honest: my FAVORITE combo!! Keep writing sis!!! You are doing an awesome job!

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