Love the Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna

Recovery, EminemI’m not a huge Eminem fan.

There I said it.

I know I’ve probably caused the foundations of the earth to shift, based off that single statement.

And I probably lost a couple of readers too.

But it’s my truth.

I mean don’t get me wrong Eminem is an awesome lyricist.  And there are a few of Slim’s songs that I do bump occasionally.

However he has never had an album that I play from start to finish, no skipping allowed, and then want to play all over again because it’s hot like that.

Not even a song that falls into that category for that matter.

Until now.

The track, Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna, speaks to my heart.

Perhaps it’s because I have just emerged from a lengthy, trying relationship.

So when Rihanna croons, “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,” man I know the feeling.

The song made it into crazy repeat mode just on the strength of the hook.

But it has remained a favorite after all these weeks because of Eminem’s emotionally charged spit.

Personal favorite verse has got to be:

“And we fall back into the same patterns, same routine.”

Yeah, I been there…..

Just me??  Ok whatever act like it’s just me. LOL

The single is from Eminem’s most recent album, entitled Recovery.

Released in June 2010 on Aftermath Records, it is the follow up to 2009’s Relapse.

I honestly can’t even name a song, let alone hum a hook from Relapse.

But it appears that after some personal struggles and a return to a more emotional/personal based style on Recovery, that Mr. Slim Shady may have finally won me over.

Here’s to hoping that my newfound love affair with Eminem is a lasting one.

Recovery Tracks:

  1. Cold Wind Blows
  2. Talkin’ 2 Myself feat. Kobe
  3. On Fire
  4. Won’t Back Down feat P!NK
  5. W.T.P.
  6. Going Through Changes
  7. Not Afraid
  8. Seduction
  9. No Love feat. Lil Wayne
  10. Space Bound
  11. Cinderella Man
  12. 25 to Life
  13. So Bad
  14. Almost Famous
  15. Love the Way You Lie feat. Rihanna
  16. You’re Never Over

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7 thoughts on “Love the Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna

  1. I love the song also.For days I had the hook doing a loop in my mind. I am a Eminem fan. Sometimes I feel his work has more depth when he partners with females…maybe that is just me.

    • Isn’t funny how some songs get stuck in our heads?? I’m actually humming the one I’m writing up next week. Its my son’s fav so I will dedicate next week’s post to him 🙂

      • This song is a perfect replica of a metaphorical entrapment.
        Eminem sets up a dynamic, as most men do under such circumstances, to apologize for all the crap he puts his female through. The framework of emotional entrapment, either intentionally or inadvertently, is being built from bottom up and it is totally obvious (to the trained eye).
        He’s NOT really sorry; he just DOESN’T want her to leave. This becomes a vicious and pathetic whirlpool cycle. Someone who truly loves or is truly sorry does not repeat crappy actions and has no need to play spin-doctor to get his way out of his own mess. Spinning tales becomes a cumulative power to suck the girl back in. It’s 100% manipulative, unhealthy, and a waste of precious time. Rhianna, a conditioned woman who feels the need to romanticize it all, as most women do under such circumstances, uses predictive proclivities to accept and rationalize his lies/deceit, hurt and cry and labels her actions as love. Are you blind woman? That’s not love…it’s pure delusion. Free yourself woman! Let go! Let him turn tables and spin those sad records with another woman. Eminem, cry me a river! Rhianna, bring sexy back and tell that fool to kick rocks. Waste of replay mode

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  3. Yes. Far too many relationships spend too much time pointing a finger and someone is always victimized…power struggle. The most important elements in every relationship are creating an environment where two people can grow, EQUALLY and feel safe with one another. That’s true love. By safe I mean one can express himself/herself without worry or concern that what they say would be rejected or dismissed by the partner. A safe environment is what makes two people want to try and in most cases eliminates dishonesty (assuming neither one of the partners is a pathological liar). However, I don’t know that songs about healthy relationships would be top sellers because most people can identify with the unhealthy union. That’s why I love Reggae music; Live, Love, Peace, Smoke, Happiness and Repeat.

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