What’s a Mexican Lime Tree Doing on My Balcony?

If you came to my house and went out on the balcony,

You’d probably be surprised to see that we have a dwarf Mexican lime tree.

And what exactly is a Mexican lime tree doing out there??

See what had happened was…

I love stories that start like that.


But seriously, I mean as serious as you can be considering the fact that I live in a small apartment.

With no backyard to speak of.

In the middle of the Southern California desert.

Yet my son has decided that despite all of these negatives.

It is our destiny to be farmers.

Now anyone who knows me can tell you that not only do I not possess a green thumb…

Shoot my thumb is spiked with poison that will kill any and all plants, DEAD.

Yeah, that spells dead.

But my son doesn’t care about any of that. 

He came home and announced that we needed to grow something.

Some vegetables or fruit.

Finally coming to the conclusion that we should get a fruit tree.

At first I ignored him because he is always talking about how we NEED something.

(Like oxy clean or a steam mop…he’s a little infomercial crazy)

But he wouldn’t let up.

He can be relentless, something akin to a loan shark, when it’s something he really wants.

So I took him to Home Depot with the thought that the garden guys would explain to him how you can’t grow a tree on a balcony.

Thus making them the bad guys and I’d buy the ice cream to cheer him up and be the good mama 🙂

But to my surprise, not only can you grow a tree on your balcony.

They actually make special potting soil and plant food specifically for this purpose.

Who knew??

Not me, that’s for sure…

But maybe my son knew all along.

So he’s big smiles, I’m worried and we have a tree on the balcony.

Wonder how long it will live.


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