Purpose: Just for Fun

For the month of August, I am participating in the 31 Days to a Brand New Blog Challenge.

I’m not really sure why I signed up.

But something about the challenge spoke to the left brainer that I truly am.

I opened the Candy Shoppe about a month ago and things are going even better than I had hoped.

But again my inner genius was thinking that a little structure wouldn’t do anything but help make the Shoppe even more successful.

I wasn’t really sure how or if I would actually write about the assignments.

I mean its only been 30 days but I already have a little bit of a rhythm/schedule in place.

Mondays – Diary of a Hot Mama

Tuesdays – Ronnie’s Playlist

Fridays – ZoomZooms & WhamWhams (coming soon…I know you wanna know)

Anyways, you get the picture.

But I figured it would work itself out, the way things that you are meant to do, always seem to do.

Ok so back to the challenge (I know I beat all the way around the bush).

August 1st and the 1st assignment was stats.

I mean I am an analyst in my “real” life and numbers crazy.

So I added my stats to the comments section.

That was easy.

I wake up today, to the 2nd assignment:

Write a Purpose Statement for Your Blog.

Ok.  That’s a bit tougher.  Had to think about it.

Wrote the whole post in my blackberry and deleted it on accident.

Maybe that first go around wasn’t my real purpose??

Anywho, back to my purpose. 

Wrote about it, Like to hear it, Here it goes (LOL…corny I know):

First and foremost, the purpose of the Candy Shoppe is to allow myself the opportunity to write about anything and everything that interests me, using any and every type of style and/or genre of writing that appeals to me.  I truly love to write and believe it is the gift that God has given me.

Second, I would like others to have an opportunity to enjoy what I write.  It honest to goodness gives me great pleasure to know that someone found hope, love, inspiration, encouragement (really anything) in my writing.  Because I’m putting my heart into it and I like to think my heart is full.

Third, I would like the opportunity to write (and have published) books in any and all of the genres and on any and all of the topics that I choose.  Hey a girl can dream and work towards making those dreams reality.

But mainly I am doing this just for fun, that’s why I chose the picture above as the avatar for the Candy Shoppe.

Yup, that right there just about sums it all up.


9 thoughts on “Purpose: Just for Fun

    • Yes it is great to see all the different voices and their respective purposes…just for that I’m glad I decided to participate. Thanks for taking some time to visit, read and comment. It’s appreciated

  1. I read your first few, then haven’t came back until now, you’re doing a great job… I havent forgotten about the 1 that I owe you either, it just takes me time to get started. Maybe you should give me an assignment, lol.

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