A Scrap of Paper

I found a scrap of paper with the following words scribbled across it…

All night long

And over and over

Until I couldn’t speak


And I started to wonder what it was I was thinking, feeling, going through

When I wrote them.

Maybe they were the beginnings of some erotic poem.

Or maybe I was gonna try and be all clever and make people think I was being freaky

When in all actuality I was writing about coughing.

(I think I’m more corny than sexy sometimes)

Honestly I really can’t remember.

Don’t even recall writing the words down.

But it’s my scratch paper and most definitely my handwriting.

(Well actually a combo of print and handwriting…but you get the picture)

And that makes it mine to finish and elaborate upon however I deem fit.

So here it is. 

A Scrap of Paper:

All night long

And over and over

Until I couldn’t speak


All day long

And back and forth

Until I was dizziness


All night and all day

Up and down

Back and forth

Over and over

I write and write

Until my emotions cover

A scrap of paper 

I kind of like it.  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “A Scrap of Paper

    • I think I might still go back to those scribbled words and see if it wants to be reborn as something a bit lengthier…perhaps A Scrap of Paper part 2 🙂

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