I Don’t Like You Mr. Camera

I’ve got an issue with cameras.

We don’t get along all that well.

I’d just as soon run a few miles, carrying a couple of pounds of bricks on my back on a sizzling hot day in the middle of the desert, as smile pretty for the camera.

I don’t like you Mr. Camera…not at all.

But about a year ago I started to notice how slim were the pickings when it came to pictures of me and my son together.

Sure I have tons of him, easily a few hours of slide show worth.  If you don’t believe me, ask my son.  He has sat through said slide show more than once.  He’s so vain.  LOL.  But that’s a post for Diary of a HOT Mama.

The thing is that my son is an only child.  And if something should happen to me, I at least want him to have a few pictures of us to cherish.

So I made the conscious decision to take more pictures with him as well as on the solo tip.

Who knew it wasn’t that simple??  I sure didn’t!

What I’ve come to find out in the year that has passed since my noble attempt at capturing our love for perpetuum.  Is that I simply dread taking pictures. 

In fact I hate it.  Just the sight of someone with a camera aimed in my direction, makes me nervous.

It’s not that I don’t take nice pictures; at least that’s what I’m told.

Sometimes I beg to differ but it’s not unusual for one to be a little tougher on themselves.

But the aversion is so strong I have started to wonder, what the issue really is.

To add to the problem I can’t figure out where this all began but I know it’s been with me since childhood.

Perhaps some crazed relative wielding  a camera scarred me for life.

Or maybe it was those school track pictures when I was trying to grow out my perm – (Note to self, never try that during 100+ California heat wave).

But whatever the root cause, it’s something that I now as an adult have to tackle.

So the next time someone points a camera at me,

I will smile pretty and try not to throw up on their shoes.


15 thoughts on “I Don’t Like You Mr. Camera

  1. I also have a love/hate relationship with picture taking. People swear I take great photos. I differ. If I am in front of a camera I get all clammy, shortness of breath…sometimes my right eye with twitch. I know this stems from being shy (painfully shy at a young age) and not relishing in the spotlight of attention.

  2. I am the COMPLETE opposite of you! I am such a ham! LOL When I was a baby I used to cry incessantly unless they were taking pictures of me…finally my parents realized I liked the flash and that I wouldn’t really notice if I never saw the picture later so they would just snap the camera while it was pointed in my general direction over and over! LOL

    But seriously, you’re beautiful! You shouldn’t dread taking pictures at all! Maybe it’s all in your perspective, and you need to start seeing taking photos in a different light. Good luck, hopefully you’ll figure out what it is and be taking lots of gorgeous family pics in no time!

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  4. funny camera hater
    hear my laughter? 🙂
    i never like it that much too
    i don’t like to see my photo
    or is it i don’t like to see the ‘who?’
    that’s it or i really don’t know
    oftentimes i hide from the lens
    it made me conscious and tense
    one day,i may take all the shots without hoopla
    so for now let’s smile because we’re on camera 🙂

  5. I like taking pictures a lot. Actually I am a trained photographer. But I don’t like to be photographed much. It just makes me nervous. I am better at it these days, after my marriage. Because I am not so self-conscious when my loving hubby is around. I love to record our togetherness. That’s it! For some of us, being photographed is fun when someone close to us is in the picture (literally and also in the frame!)

    • Hi Netty. I’ve also found that if I just do it…no thinking…then I’m less likely to get all nervous. Perhaps you are a photographer because you enjoy being on that side of the lens?

  6. You take very nice pics from what I’ve seen- but I don’t blame you. I have several pictures as far back as age 2 with me barreling toward the unseen camera man, one hand clearly raised in an attempt to slap the hand of the papparazzi. I don’t know why. *shrugs*

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