God Save Us Both

I am so angry right now.

I am so close to stepping off the edge of this cliff.

I am praying to God.

Because he is the only one that can cool the boil in my blood.

I am praying not only for me.

But for you too.

Because if I forget myself.

You and I both will pay the consequences.

I will drag you down into Hades.

My anger will consume us over and over.

Into eternity.

God save us both.


5 thoughts on “God Save Us Both

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    So glad you left a comment because I have the chance to discover your blog. I loved your current post and this one very much. I have no words other than Wow to this piece, so deep!


    • Hello
      I actually found your blog through a comment you left on NWSO. I really did love your pieces…you are so creative and its a pleasure to have you come and read and comment. I feel so blessed when someone tells me they appreciate my writing. Thank you again for taking time to visit.

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