Practicing Death


I am Practicing Death

My Partner is Fear

With Dread and Dismay

Impatiently Awaiting

Their Turn to Lead

Swirling and Swaying

Heart Pounding and Racing


I am Practicing Death

My Partner is Doubt

With Discouragement

Tapping on His Shoulder

Sashaying and Shimmying

All the World a Blur


I am Practicing Death

Dancing and Twirling

With Blood and Sweat

Spinning on Tippy Toes

And Flailing Arms with Fury

Destruction and Delight


I am Practicing Death

‘Til Life


3 thoughts on “Practicing Death

  1. I’m a new Candy Shoppe gazer. I like this piece. It reminds me of how pleasurable moments can be eclipsed by just one moment or event that went horribly wrong. Fear coupled with self-doubt brings out negative thoughts and memories. This dangerous combo overshadows any positive forces within us…thus death. Furthermore fear beats down self-esteem causing doubt of our own worthiness in all aspects of our lives. DANGEROUS! This one hits home for someone close to me. He is practicing death…destruction of himself. With dread and dismay I see his inner demons, fear and doubt, take hold of his life.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. It’s much appreciated. I love how with poetry its so easy to see yourself (or someone you know) in the words. Its such a soul specific form of writing. And I think it can minister to the spirit. That’s why I changed the category from generic Poetry/Prose to Food for the Soul.

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