2 Sets of Twins

My son (aka the King, aka the Boy) is going through a phase where he is extremely conscious of people’s looks.

He often points out his take on people’s physical appearances.

He also has become sensitive about his own looks.

He asks me often if I like his hair – which is luxuriously curly.

Or his eyes – which are a delicious brown.

Or even his belly.   (Does he drink beer when I’m not looking??)  LOL

Of course my answer to his questions is always YES!!  And not only do I like everything about you….

I LOVE every inch of you.

So the other night he’s standing in front of the TV – because he thinks he’s made of glass  –

And asks, without looking at me, why his butt is small?

I reply that it’s small because he’s small.  A little butt for a little person.

He turns to face me and says well you are medium and you have a big butt.

I’m only slightly dazed and come back with an explanation of black women being blessed.

He then proceeds to ask if that’s why my boobs are big??

And before I can answer, he says…

“You’ve got 2 sets of twins. One set up front and one set in back.”

Then turns back to the TV.

Damn kid.

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