Catch Phrases? Yeah I Got That

I’m the kind of person that says things over and over. 

(Yeah I’ve got issues…don’t judge me).

It has gotten to the point that the people around me (who at first complain) start using, aka stealing, my words and catch phrases.

Even my son has jumped on the bandwagon and is quick to hit you with a “Whatever!”

So in honor of my catch phrase addiction.

A short list of some of my favorites:

Scandalous – To be beyond comprehension

Ex: It’s 105 degrees and raining.  Scandalous! 

OK ok so I actually pilfered this one from my girl.  But I have popularized its use outside of the office, so for that I think I deserve some credit.

Whatever – PG version of Shut the f*$k up!

Ex:  Him – Girls aren’t funny.  Me – Whatever dude!

Shut the front door (interchangeable with back door) – Can be used to express surprise or astonishment 

Ex: Him – I just won the lottery and I’m gonna pay off your student loans.  Me – Shut the front door!!

You a Lie and a Half – Liar, liar, pants on fire

Ex:  Him – I just wanna cuddle.  Me – You a Lie and a Half

Sucks rocks – Anything super frustrating

Ex: I wanna loose 10 pounds but to do it I need to give up chocolate which sucks rocks!

Feel free to sprinkle any 1 or more of these little jewels into your convos, you have my blessing.

Oh and be sure to share any of your own catchy catch phrases….for research purposes only of course 🙂


One thought on “Catch Phrases? Yeah I Got That

  1. LOL…cute.. U can use this one too… Seriously… Him…you’re so beautiful… me.. Seriously… I know… or a guy walks in with a wack outfit and tries to pick me up and i turn to my friend and say…SERIOUSLY!!!! LOL!!

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