“Animal” by Neon Trees

Neon Trees is from Provo, Utah (by way of Cali) and their debut album Habits (released March 16, 2010 on Island Def Jam) currently boasts one of my favorite tracks for the summer, Animal.

I’ve never been to Utah but if all the bands rock like Neon Trees then maybe I need to become a Mormon and relocate. 

I’m only half joking….It snows in Utah and if you know me then you know I don’t do cold.  But back to the regularly scheduled review.

I actually stumbled upon the band one night, when insomnia and I decided to spend a few too many hours together…but that’s another post.

The video for Animal came on and the first thing that caught my eye was the lead singer’s Rihanna inspired mohawk.  Or maybe I should point out how the punk dudes have been rocking the mohawk (live and sometimes in living color) for more years than RiRi has been alive.

The video is a take on the scene in Tim Burton’s Batman where The Joker (portrayed fabulously by Jack Nicholson) and his crew run rampant through a museum.  Classic movie debauchery that compliments the debauchery depicted in the lyrics of the song.

The lyrics speak on taking the leap from friends to lovers and how sometimes, the aftermath isn’t all that pretty.  And I like the idea of how when it comes to love we can be really animalistic in our search for satisfaction.

The song itself is super catchy.  Try to listen to it just once or even get it out of your head after you’ve finished listening…darn near impossible. 

Shoot I’m humming it as I type.

The band consists of: 

Lead vocals/keyboards – Tyler Glenn

Guitars – Chris Allen

Bass – Branden Campbell 

Drums/vocals – Elaine Bradley

Of course me being all pro-woman, I love the fact that they have a kick ass female drummer.  I mean there’s nothing sexier than a chick that rocks out on the drums.

All in all I’m loving this band’s look, lyrics, girl drummer and more immediately, this single.  So check them out and hopefully you’ll become a fan too.

Habits Tracks:

  1. Sins of My Youth
  2. Love and Affection
  3. Animal
  4. Your Surrender
  5. 1983
  6. Girls and Boys in School
  7. In the Next Room
  8. Our War

For more information on Neon Trees, you can visit their official website:



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