“Your Love” by Nicki Minaj

I’ve been a fan of Nicki Minaj since I heard “Itty Bitty Piggy.” 

I mean who wouldn’t love a rapper that tells a trick to park a cart???  LOL I loves it!!!

So when I heard “Your Love*” on the radio it caught my ear. 

Not only is the hook contagious.

But it has just the right feel for summertime and those crushes that free time and heat are known to birth.

The song brings me back to the days of hanging on the block. 

Making sure that you look fly at all times, not caring its damn near 100 degrees outside.

Chilling on the steps with my girls and trying to catch the eye of that cute guy that I’ve been feeling since school was in session.

So when Nicki says “Never spoke lies and he never broke fly.”  It’s easy to relate and picture that fly brother cruising down the ave.

I’m just feeling this song on so many different levels.

Perhaps it’s the 90s feel of the track with the sample of Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s.”

Just off the strength of Annie I’m all in.  Any true music lover knows that Annie Lennox is one of those white chicks with mad soul. 

And both Annie and Nicki have styles all their own.  Not saying I’m gonna rock the pink ‘do.

But if she likes it then I love it.

Minaj also has a truly unique rhyming style (hate it or love it).

And the combination of her skillz and the track has placed this song in heavy rotation on my iTouch.

Minaj is still working on her official debut album and has said in several interviews that she hopes to have a release date before the end of the year.  Hopefully the album lives up to this single.

*Note that there are some slightly different versions of the song floating around.  Personally I’m more in love with the version that has the line “I think I love him like M&M’s call him Shady.”

For more information on these artists you can visit their official websites:

Nicki Minaj


Annie Lennox



One thought on ““Your Love” by Nicki Minaj

  1. I loved this song from the first time I heard it on the strength of the sample also. I was already a fan of hers since I heard her spit on “the deal”. She don’t need all that extra stuff she does with her voice. I like the version that says “He’s a little thug type… Ghostface, Raekwon”

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