I Can’t Be Worried

This past week has been rough.  I’m at the point where I don’t even have half a nerve for somebody to get on.

Everything and everyone is rubbing up against me in the worst way.  I feel like I’m on the edge and one false step will send me hurling over.

I’m one step away from being the reason someone comes up missing and shows up on the back of a milk carton.  And I say that only half in jest.

My little one bears the brunt of my lack of patience because he has to live with me.  And though I love him beyond. 

He is spoiled rotten.

Only child.  Only grand child.  Only great grand child.  And a boy to boot (this family is severely lacking in boy children).

Put all that together and you have “The King” as one of my friends jokingly refers to him.

So you put “The King” together with me, when I’m in my can’t be worried mood, and its a mess that not even brawny can clean up.

The other day he asks me for some more water.  No please or anything near polite.  He’s holding out the empty bottle of water.  Then he just drops it in front of me.

Are you kidding me??  What exactly do you think this is???  You thinking I’m the slave and you the massa????

Please miss me!!!  And go relocate your mind.  Because I know you must have lost it.

Needless to say he picked up the bottle with a quickness and apologized.  And just for good measure I made him wait on that water.

You ain’t gonna die from thirst.

Like I said before, I can’t be worried.

Lucky for both of us that it’s summer and he’s off to spend a week at grandma’s.  Here’s to hoping that my patience returns before he does.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Be Worried

  1. Ugh, boys definitely do get so spoiled. I’m the baby and only girl, but my brother still gets called, “the first born” by my mom and gets away with murder all the time. I hope whatever you’re worrying about gets better so you don’t have to not worry, because I’ve been in that situation and it’s hard not worrying while you’re worried you look like you’re worried. (If that makes any sense).

    • Yes when I’m in that “I Can’t Be Worried” state of mind it is actually quite worrisome. LOL funny how it makes perfect sense. But as the saying goes, “This too shall pass”…I hope 😉

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