“Kandi” by One eskimO

I am feelin’ this track by One eskimO entitled “Kandi”


The song is soulful and speaks directly to anyone who has ever been done wrong by the object of their desire. 

But its bluesy enough to make you wanna slow grind on them anyway, just for ol’ times sake.

And when the lead singer cries, “Why? Why? Why did you need him? Where was I?” Man you can’t help but feel it deep down in your soul.

The sample of Candi Stanton’s “He Called Me Baby” ,used in the song’s hook, adds to the soulful vibe of this joint.  Candi Stanton’s bio lists her style as country soul but this track is all soul. 

And let me point out the resemblance of Candi’s voice to a well known British singer by the name of Amy Winehouse.  Ya’ll hear that?? 

One eskimO is a four piece band from Britain whose sound is described as indie rock .  From the tracks that I have listened to, from their first release (One eskimO – released September 2009 on Warner Premiere), it is clear that the lead singer/songwriter has been heavily influenced by old school soul artists. The band also consists of Peter Renaldi on guitar, Jamie Sefton on bass and Adam Falkner on drums. 

I love an album I can put on and just let play, from start to finish.  I find it annoying when I have to keep pressing skip because there is only one good track on the entire album.  So lucky for me, and all of you out there, that “Kandi” is not the sole star on One eskimO.

One eskimO’s Tracks:
Simple Day
Givin’ Up
All Balloons
Chosen One

Besides the EP, the band has also released a visual album entitled The Adventures of One eskimO.  The visual album is animated and uses the songs from the EP as the story line. 


For more information on these artists you can visit their official websites:

One eskimO


Candi Stanton



5 thoughts on ““Kandi” by One eskimO

    • I really do love this song….just about played it out lol. Hope you come back because I plan to do some more spotlights on the things I like to listen to on my IPod Touch.

  1. Patsy Cline recorded a version before she died. Maybe that’s where the “country-soul” came in? Thank you for introducing me to One eskimO. I always love finding a new sound.

    • Yes and I think because Candi Stanton was with FAME Music Group (Muscle Shoals Records Label) which likes to think of itself as the place where soul, country and rock cross that it had an impact on her sound as well. I have another review coming tomorrow so check back.

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